Make your publication yours

Newsplate is stitched seamlessly into the comfortably familiar fabric of WordPress, and it’s designed to be usable out of the box. But you might find you need some help getting set up or personalising it.

Design and development

Newsplate comes with a lightweight responsive theme which uses browser defaults to make your site economical to host and fast to load. But if you need more personality for your site, Newsplate can be enhanced in a catalogue of ways.

Styling and templates

A simple theme for Newsplate includes font choices, a colour palette, and styles for list and article pages. We aim to do that for you in a couple of days.

Beyond that, we can design mastheads, logos or full identities, create consistent image filters, do social media asset exports, add content or functionality to the standard page templates, or develop brand new page templates for you.

Functionality and integrations

We’ve built custom editorial and revenue plugins for clients including WikiTribune, Penguin Random House and Axate, and we’ve created native blocks that work seamlessly with Newsplate and WordPress 5.

We’ve refactored booking systems, built subscription services, integrated CRMs and we have experience both of bringing functionality in-house, and of moving things to SaaS platforms.

Getting up and running

We not only build Newsplate: in our client-facing day jobs as we’ve helped many clients get set up with it, both technically and editorially.

Installation and setup

We’ll configure your web hosting package and install WordPress and Newsplate. These basics usually take no more than a couple of hours. If you haven’t got that far yet, we can also recommend web hosting companies (we’re not affiliates or partners of any hosts).

If you’d like a quick steer before you start out with your own content creation and management, we’ll get you set up with an initial set of categories and pages.

Content strategy and workflows

We can help you to:

  • structure taxonomy and editorial pages to reflect and clarify your priorities
  • choose which lists or menus are automatic, and which are manually assembled
  • configure user roles and permissions so you can all work together smoothly
  • save time by turning your repeat content into Patterns and Reusable Blocks
  • encourage people to stay on your site to meet their goals… and yours

Migrating from another platform

You already have an established site, and starting from zero is unthinkable.

Your articles, images, URLs

We’ve got considerable experience of the (occasionally hellish) process of moving entire bodies of content from one system to another, whether it’s:

  • from another CMS – like Squarespace, or a bespoke system – to WordPress
  • from WordPress 4 (classic editor) to WordPress 5 (block editor)

Your existing design

If you’re trying to move platform without completely overhauling your design, we can help apply, replicate or intelligently adapt your existing front-end code so it works seamlessly with Newsplate and WordPress.

We’re happy to work alongside your designers and developers too, whether they’re in-house or external.

Maintenance and support

Newsplate is designed to be managed autonomously by editorial users without technical knowledge. But…

From a chat, to an SLA

Anything from an ad-hoc call to work out how to approach a new editorial task in Newsplate, to regular meetings to discuss your publication’s evolution, or a guaranteed amount of support time per month to maintain your site, or development time to work on custom functionality – we’re happy to arrange things formally.

Training and on-boarding

Existing WordPress users will most likely find they need no instructions, maybe not even our documentation, but we can provide newcomers with introductory sessions on WordPress and Newsplate via video, or help you create specific training and documentation for your complex bespoke site, to welcome new starters to your growing team.