makes WordPress better
for news and editorial websites

A collection of templates, blocks plugins, settings and good ideas for WordPress 5, to help the newsroom collaborate efficiently, create impactful pages and engage people.

All the capability of a high-end publishing framework for a fraction of the price.


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Turn readers into participants
and reach your goals

Tools to convert first-time and casual visitors into regular readers, sharers, subscribers, patrons, members, contributors, editors or activists.

Help people navigate the territory

Attracting visitors is difficult, so help them stay, and get them from landing to exploring.

Newsplate gives you ways to direct a newcomer from an inner page that caught their eye to the background of a story, to more by the same writer, to your latest articles…

…or to your sign-up form or campaign page.

Reader Actions block

Suggest targetted, real-world actions that people can take to engage with – and increase the impact of – your story. Go way beyond the “share” link.

Revenue: Funding block

Newsplate includes a simple donations system that lets you create and run campaigns without losing money to a middleman platform.

NB We also helped Axate develop the WordPress plugin for their innovative ‘casual payment’ system; we’ve built and maintained custom membership tools and e-commerce subscription systems for digital and physical publications.


Simple choices combine to make
a powerful editorial layout system

Make changes and see the results instantly in the editor.
No coding required, no fragile page-builder plugins, all version-tracked.

Fast, flexible layout options

Structure each editorial page independently (or start from a pattern).

Add rows and columns for body content… use WP’s adjustable-width columns, or pin the layout to a grid with Newsplate’s 2- or 4- fixed column blocks.

You can put almost any content in the columns, but Newsplate’s uniquely editorial blocks are:

…the Article Preview block

Choose a story and Article Preview auto-retrieves the headline, excerpt, image and metadata. You can then…

  • Format the headline for impact, overwrite the headline, excerpt and image to suit the editorial context, and display or hide metadata
  • Switch alignment and order of elements, apply non-destructive image styles (black and white, sepia, colour wash, … ) and change colours

Article List block

Choose a story and Article Preview auto-retrieves the headline, excerpt, image and metadata. You can then…

Headline block

Make your headlines as long or as short as you want them. Add breaks, adjust emphasis line-by-line by controlling font size and bold/italics/caps.

Shout. Whisper. Explain.


Newsplate tailors WordPress admin
to suit editors and journalists

A dashboard that gives you useful control of content and collaboration. Taxonomy and terminology adapted for reporting the news… not just blogging.

Better Dashboard

Newsplate includes a more useful Dashboard for wp-admin that presents an at-a-glance breakdown of content and media across your site.

It can filter activity by type and user so you don’t miss each other’s work, and it can focus on your own items to help you keep your work tidy and up to date.

It’s aware of Custom Post Types and Reusable Blocks.

Also available separately

Taxonomy for news

Newsplate adds two taxonomies to WordPress to help publications structure and group content neatly

Tags? Nope. Gone. Good riddance.


Use Sections to clarify what’s Fact and what’s Opinion, or to separate Politics, Sport and Culture stories.


Use Kickers to mark an Exclusive or an Update, or to show that a story is developing Live…

Reusable Blocks are real content

By surfacing reusable blocks more prominently, Newsplate enables more time-saving ways to use them.

Newsplate also helps you keep track of instances of reusable blocks so you can check where changes will appear.


“Do as you would be done by”
probably doesn’t involve a cookie pop-up

When you visit a website, we bet you wish it maintained your privacy and helped you to trust the information it provides you… so that’s what Newsplate does.

Privacy by default

Newsplate doesn’t use cookies, it doesn’t include analytics, advertising or other tracking scripts, and it doesn’t fetch fonts or resources from the internet giants.

(But it won’t stop you adding those things if they’re essential to you).

Accessibility nearly by default

Newsplate scores 88 in Lighthouse’s accessibility test, and 78% in SiteImprove’s automatic audit.

We’re working on it.

Trust box pattern

If you want to tell your readers how you research, report, fact-check and get legal approval on your stories so they can trust what they read, Newsplate has the content pattern to edit and add to your articles


makes WordPress better
for news and editorial websites

When you buy Newsplate, you get it for one site, forever, for an affordable one-off cost. You can install other plugins and themes alongside it. You won’t get updates, so they won’t break the version you have. You don’t need an account on our site, and after confirming your order, we won’t contact you again unless you want us to.